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Twinmotion Asset

In ten years time, working on many different projects, we have build a large library of great ‘one of a kind’ 3d models for use in visualizations.

All models are unique. They were build because they weren’t available in the desired quality for download anywhere else on 3d marketplaces, at the time we needed them. We always build in a lot of detail and imperfections so ideally for doing close-ups.

2018 we got hooked on realtime render, and especially Twinmotion stole our hart.

We’ve started to convert our library to directly useable Twinmotion asset.

We are planning to share them for a small fee. There will be a lot freebees as well.

Please have a look at our Twinmotion Asset Section, download and play around with our great models and let us know what you think.

Afdeling 3D Team

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Available 3D Models

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